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Unilux windows are a market leading brand offers, durable, resistance and aesthetics to your Kent property. These benefits are why homeowners and private companies in the Kent, Brighton, Sussex, London and the South East area use our range of window systems. Use our quoting engine today to get an immediate estimate on our range of windows or visit our showroom today.

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Unilux Windows Kent

Unilux Windows in Kent

At Passivlux, we are proud to introduce Unilux windows to our range. The home improvement industry is constantly improving and developing – compared to even 30 years ago, energy efficiency, safety, and functionality standards have increased dramatically to meet customer and building regulation requirements.

As a result, all Unilux window products are innovations, demonstrating an exceptional level of product knowledge and engineering.

The Passive House suitability requirement is a symbol of a healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient living. We are proud to partner with Unilux who are a premium manufacturer of wooden, uPVC and wood aluminium windows. They have adapted the development of their Unilux windows to meet these Passivhaus requirements, giving our customers the option to improve their carbon footprint and reduce your yearly energy bills!

As a result, Unilux is constantly updating their products, and due to this we are proud to demonstrate stunning products for your Kent property.

Unilux Window Costs Kent

Unilux Benefits for Your Kent Home

  • Durability
  • Design Flexibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Service Brand
  • Noise Retention

Your Unilux Window Style Options

Aluminium Wood Clad Windows

Aluminium, provides a strong protective barrier against UK weather conditions, whilst wood gives off a calm and aesthetic appearance. This combination forms an aluminium clad wooden product that will last for generations without the need for regular maintenance.


The DesignLine Unilux window collection combines architectural bliss with an energy efficient solution. It is designed for high quality residential and commercial buildings with top rated aesthetics.


With three glass panes with a thickness of nearly 5mm, an insulated core, thermally isolated spacers, a special filling gas, and an invisible coating on both sides – this will contribute to increased insulation by 46%!


The aluminium clad windows in the LivingLine style are so subtle that they blend in with any traditional building design – ideal for upgrading your property, no matter the design.

Aluminium Clad Unilux Windows Kent

uPVC Unilux Windows

uPVC, is tough, resilient, and temperature protected to withstand all UK weather types – from the hot summer days and autumn storms, to the cold winter nights. With internal steel reinforcement, our Unilux windows ensure maximum durability for your home..

We offer the IsoPlus, IsoStar-Alu, and IsoStar Unilux window models, that provide incredible energy efficiency, durability, and reliability for many years to come with three different options for your home. For more information – feel free to read more in our brochures or contact our team!

uPVC Unilux Window Profile Kent

Wooden Unilux Windows, Kent

Wood can promote a sense of comfort for all properties. When you choose our Unilux window products, you are always choosing a masterful design. You can have a home that is completely unique to you with slanted and rustic styles available. We ensure that you can receive a traditional or futuristic option that is suitable for all households – give your Kent home the personality it deserves with our range of wooden Unilux windows.

You can give your home the attention it deserves with a vast selection of coating systems, thermal insulation, superior quality, triple glazing options – all providing a completely modern window design.

Wood Unilux Window Prices Kent

Aluminum Clad Wood Facades

The Unilux window FineLine facade model maintains its shape over time. On the outside, the aluminium design ensures high weather resistance, thermal insulation, and value retention; whilst the supporting high quality wall system will provide aesthetics and warmth inside your home. The FineLine façade Unilux window has a stunning appearance thanks to its clear, slim build. You can create stunning accents with the numerous combination options available, ranging from the wood variety to aluminium.

Our thermal insulation reaches passive house suitability thanks to the thermally isolated top unit design. With appropriate glazing, the large glazing surfaces of the FineLine facade system allow for a significant amount of solar intake – saving you energy every single day.

The Unilux standard glass fitting includes triple glazing which will result in improved thermal insulation and, lower energy costs for your Kent property. Because each glass pane can be 32 to 52 mm thick, it can also be effectively equipped with noise protection. With these effective benefits, you can achieve low U-values with one easy installation!

Aluminium Clad Unilux Windows Kent

Unilux Window Costs in Kent

Choosing the right Unilux window for your Kent property is a big decision, and we want to make sure you make the best one.

At Passivlux, we are a local Kent service, we can come to your home and measure for new windows, as well as provide a variety of other products and services.

If you have any questions, please contact us and fill out our online quoting engine to get your FREE triple glazing quotes today!

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