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End users can enjoy a balcony all year round with our glazing. Transform balcony’s in Kent, Sussex, London and the South East England area with Solarlux balcony glazing. Choose from a fully transparent, or framed system, depending on the requirements of your project. Use our online quoting engine to get for product prices or contact us instead.

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Balcony Glazing, Kent & South East England

Our balcony glazing is ideal for sheltering a balcony of any size or style. It can help protect a building from harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and the cold. It also can help minimise noise disruption, ideal for properties in cities or by busy roads. Rain rolls off, the wind is kept out, and on sunny days, allowing homeowners to enjoy their balcony all year round.

The glass can be opened across the entire width of the balcony, helping sunlight flood into a building. The versatile, non insulated glazing will transform a balcony into an airy pergola or a sheltered room. The wide range of balcony glazing we provide can also be retrofitted onto existing balustrades.

Apartments are more popular than ever, but the noise levels often present a challenge for homeowners. Solarlux balcony glazing ensures optimal sound insulation up to RW 45 dB. Glazed balconies are high on a buyer and tenant wish list. With weather protection, flexibility and sound insulation, they can add kerb appeal to any residential property.

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Solarlux SL 25R Balcony Glazing

The SL 25R allows end users to enjoy balconies and terraces in all weathers. The framed façade glazing offers superior levels of weather protection and improved sound insulation up to 25 dB.

Thanks to innovative technology, the glass outer panes can easily be cleaned from inside the property. With a standard depth of 27 mm and linearly mounted vertical sash profiles, the system appears narrow and creates maximum openness.

Solarlux SL 23 Balcony Glazing

The SL 23 sliding system is the ideal choice for balcony and facade projects. The SL 23 balcony glazing system can also be used as wind and weather protection beneath a glass canopy or as a partition.

The SL 23 balcony glazing offers incredible comfort, even in challenging conditions. This is due to its expanded installation capacity of up to 17 mm glass thickness. This system has polished edges and many security features.

Solarlux SL 25 Balcony Glazing

The SL 25 offers superb levels of weather and sound insulation. The easy to use and maintenance free slide and turn system prevents noise of up to 22 dB from the rain and noise.

The all glass panes are easy to slide open and swing to the side, and offer protection from the weather once closed. This award winning balcony glazing option will allow end users to enjoy their balcony all year round.

Solarlux SL 25 XXL Balcony Glazing

The SL 25 XXL is an evolved model of the SL 25. The non heat insulated balcony glazing is ideal for being installed in exposed locations.

The SL 25 XXL slide and turn system can be slid outwards, inwards, left and/or right as required. Toughened safety glass from 8 mm to 15 mm glass thickness ensures superior levels of safety even in high buildings during extreme weather.

Extra Features


Add the option of vertical, sliding glass elements. This will allow the balcony to become a glass house that will protect homeowners against all types of wind and weather.

At Passivlux, we offer a variety of designs and customisation options, so the balcony glazing perfectly suits the end user’s needs. Mechanical ventilation afforded by trickle ventilation or tilting windows integrated in the glazing is also possible with the Solarlux glazing range.

Balcony Glazing Case Studies

Browse through our case studies today to get a better idea of the projects Passivlux completes across the Kent, Sussex, London and the South East England region. See how our double glazing can transform buildings, both commercial and residential.

Read our case studies to learn more about our products, or services and our range of designs. Use our online quoting engine for a bespoke estimate on our range of glazing products or get in touch if you have any queries.

Kent Showroom

We understand that some things are better in person. That is why we have a Kent showroom. Visit us today and see our range of fantastic products, meet our knowledgeable team, and find out more about our products.

Passivlux are the Rationel award winner for best distributor and best showroom. Our team will help you choose the right product for your project, giving you a bespoke quote.

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Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

Working with our client in Kent, we were asked to provide this unique property with a collection of glazing systems that would enhance both the visuals and performance.

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Wherever you are based in the Kent, Sussex, London or South East England region, we can provide a bespoke price on our range of balcony glazing.

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