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Passivhaus Windows in Herne Bay

Passivlux can offer Passivhaus Windows for homes and commercial projects in Herne Bay. Our windows all meet the Passivhaus certification, meaning your home will reach the highest standards of thermal and environmental performance. Contact Passivlux to install Passivhaus windows in Herne Bay, Kent, Sussex, London or throughout the South East!

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passivhaus windows in herne bay
Bespoke Passivhaus Windows in Herne Bay & Kent

Passivlux Passivhaus Windows

Passivhaus windows are the future for homes in Herne Bay. Passivhaus windows are designs that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and ideal for making your space warmer and more comfortable. Ideal for both homes and commercial buildings, these windows stop you wasting energy inside your space and help you save money every day. Passivhaus is an internationally recognised standard, too!

At Passivlux, we’re proud to offer a range of Passivhaus windows for homes and commercial projects in Herne Bay and the surrounding areas. With us, you can install windows that meet this standard from market-leading companies, such as Rationel and VELFAC. Because of this, you’ll be spoilt for choice on how you enhance your space with brand-new thermally efficient windows.

When you install new windows with Passivlux, you can save money in several ways. Passivhaus windows can help you reduce energy costs inside any building, and the durable designs will last for decades without the need for expensive repairs. But, as a local installer of Passivhaus windows in Herne Bay, Passivlux can also offer competitive prices. Use our online quoting engine to get a quote or explore our case studies to find out more!


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Benefits of Passivhaus Windows

Energy Efficient

Passivhaus windows are designs that meet high energy efficiency standards. Because of this, they can help reduce how much energy you use inside your home or commercial building. Your Passivhaus windows will have double glazing as standard and a range of frame options, including uPVC/aluminium and timber/aluminium. As a result, your window will be dense, putting up a thermal barrier for your home against cold air.

Because of this, your window will allow less heat transfer to occur. As a result, less cold air will be able to enter your home while more warm air stays inside. Your new window will capture your home’s energy, ensuring none of the energy you use is wasted. So, with Passivhaus windows, you can make the most of your energy, and you could even save money on your energy bills as you won’t have to use as much!

At Passivlux, we work with leading manufacturers such as Rationel, VELFAC and Solarlux, to make sure all of our Passivhaus windows meet high standards. As a result, all of our windows can meet and exceed U-values of 0.8W/m2k, making them market-leading designs for your home or commercial building. You’ll be able to save money for decades to come too with our durable Passivhaus windows in Herne Bay.



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Noise Reduction

Another benefit of Passivhaus windows is that they can make your space in Herne Bay much quieter. Passivhaus windows have premium-grade materials, meaning that the whole design is dense. Because of this, sound waves will have more resistance as they try and pass into your home. So, when you sit down in your home or in your commercial building, you’ll be able to enjoy a quieter area.

Passivhaus windows can achieve high standards of noise reduction. If you live in a busy area, such as by a school or underneath a flight path, then these windows can turn these sounds into whispers. If you have trouble sleeping at night, these are ideal for bedrooms too. And, for commercial buildings like churches, restaurants, and offices, Passivhaus windows are perfect!

Passivhaus windows are also designs that make your home safer. You can get windows that work well as fire escapes, which could be pivotal should the worst ever happen. And, if you want to keep people away from your home as well as sound, the security features in these windows will do it. You’ll get advanced multi-point locking systems and leading hardware, meaning these windows achieve Secured by Design status.

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Environmentally Friendly

Finally, Passivhaus windows are designed to make buildings in Herne Bay better for the environment. By making your space more efficient, these windows will reduce your reliance on central heating. So, as well as saving money, you can reduce emissions inside your home and reduce your carbon footprint. And, thanks to the durable materials in the design, you can keep these windows going for decades to come.

Your new Passivhaus windows will be fully weatherproof. Because of this, wind and rain won’t damage the windows in any way. Your new installation won’t bend, warp, crack or twist, meaning the whole design keeps its shape. As a result, no gaps will emerge for cold air to enter your home, and you’ll get protection from draughts, dampness, and condensation which could cause the window to weaken.

When these windows finally begin to wear down after decades of use, they won’t end up in a landfill either. All Passivhaus windows are fully recyclable, meaning the materials will become part of another design in the future. So, by investing in Passivhaus windows in Herne Bay, you can make your home or commercial building more sustainable. And, with Passivlux, you can make this investment more affordable too.

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Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

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Passivhaus Windows Prices Herne Bay

If you’d like to get a free, no-obligation quote for Passivhaus windows in Herne Bay, get in touch with Passivlux!

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Alternatively, get in touch with the Passivlux team to ask our staff anything about Passivhaus windows!

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