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To feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your Sussex home, picking the ideal door is essential. At Passivlux, we are proud to offer Unilux doors along with other exciting styles in wood, uPVC, aluminium cladding, and other materials of the highest calibre for your property all year long. Get your FREE quote by completing our form right away!

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Unilux Doors Near Me Sussex

Unilux Doors in Sussex

We at Passivlux are happy to announce that Unilux doors have been added to our lineup of products. In comparison to even 30 years ago, energy efficiency, safety, and functionality standards have significantly increased to meet customer and building regulation requirements. The home improvement industry is constantly changing and improving.

As a result, every Unilux door is an innovation that shows advanced engineering and product knowledge. We are proud to display stunning Unilux products for your Sussex property because they are constantly updating their offerings. Get your FREE quote for more details!


Your Unilux Door Style Options

Aluminium Cladding Unilux Door

Aluminium and wood work together to create a design that is long-lasting and doesn’t require frequent upkeep. The wood is completely encased in aluminium cladding, which shields it from the elements and permits it to expand and contract in response to temperature changes. We are sure that Passivlux will provide you with one of the best doors on the market. To learn more, get in touch with our team right away!

Unilux Doors Sussex

Unilux ImpactLine Series

Each door on our patio Unilux door can be opened and shut from the middle thanks to hinges on both jambs. Both models come with extra protection features that let them swing in or out, giving you a product that is adaptable and practical. Header and sill bolts resistant to salt are part of the ImpactLine series. This design can increase a building’s airtightness, watertightness, and security for your Sussex home by adding more locking points. Using a salt resistant multi point closure system, reinforced strike plates, and a strong astragal for better impact resistance will improve the protection against water entering your Unilux door.

Unilux Door Costs Sussex

ImpactLine Lift & Slide Doors

With the lift and slide Unilux door, moving your brand-new glass panes is a simple process. With a single push, the lift and slide mechanism descends across your Sussex property. These Unilux doors are appropriate for use in brightly lit homes where occupants want to take in views of their surroundings. To open your brand-new Unilux lift and slide doors, there are 3G stainless steel wheels with flat gears that are strong and move easily across its track. Additional features include a two inch wide sill to ensure a smooth transition and tough hardware to support large laminated glass panels weighing up to 850 lbs! Other wood species are also available.

Unilux Doors Near Me Sussex

Wooden Unilux Doors

A great illustration of how a conventional material can be used to create a design that gives your Sussex home the futuristic and modern style it needs is the Unilux door ExclusivLine. The ExclusivLine models are the best option if you want your front door to be a welcoming entrance and greet guests every day.


You can be sure that your Sussex Unilux door will provide you with benefits throughout the year because the HighLine Unilux doors combine premium materials with expert craftsmanship. The best illustration of a timeless design that is appealing from every angle is our High Line frame doors.

The ExclusivLine Unilux door has a distinctive appearance; like all contemporary architecture, it complies with the highest design standards.

Contrarily, the JuniorLine Unilux door models offer a lot of power at a reasonable price, allowing you to get quality for a worthwhile investment. What could be superior to a worthwhile door?

Unilux Door Prices Sussex

uPVC Entrance Door

In the UK, Unilux uPVC doors are created to be sturdy, adaptable, and weatherproof. This indicates that it can withstand both sweltering summer days and chilly winter weather. Maximum durability is also guaranteed by steel reinforcements on the interior profile of the door.

Each door is distinctive thanks to Unilux door glazing. We want your door to be a reflection of you and your family, just like your house. At Passivlux, we offer a variety of glass options so you can design your door entirely in the manner of your choosing.

Are you worried for your safety? In addition to comfort and style, our Unilux door collection also considers locking mechanisms and safety features.

Unilux Door Prices Sussex

Unilux Door Prices in Sussex

Your daily comfort and safety depend on selecting the ideal Unilux door for your Sussex home, and we want to help you make the right choice.

We are Passivlux, a home improvement business based in Sussex. In addition to offering a variety of other goods and services, we can visit your house to measure for new doors.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also use our online quoting tool to request a FREE, customised quote on one of our Unilux doors right now.

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