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Faversham homeowners come to Passivlux for their Unilux doors as they know that when they are installed their homes will be warmer, securer and more aesthetically appealing. Unilux doors come in wood, uPVC aluminium cladding and other materials. To find out more about our Unilux doors and for a no obligation quote, please get in touch today. 

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Why Unilux Doors?

Unilux Doors, for your Faversham home

Passivlux is proud to announce that it has partnered with Unilux Doors, a market leading company in the home improvement industry. These doors are considered to be amongst the bets doors on the market, thanks to their innovative design and high performance levels. Designed by specialist engineers for a company that has a long history in this industry, you will be hard pressed to find a better product than Unilux Doors for your Faversham property. Call to today for a free no obligation quote. 


Your Unilux Door Style Options

Aluminium Cladding Unilux Door

When you combine aluminium with wood you get a product that has great durability but requires minimum upkeep and maintenance. We encase the wooden frames with aluminium cladding, what this means is that your windows are protected from the harsh elements, but they are able to expand and contract as the temperatures change. Unilux Doors are a great addition to the Passivlux collection and your Faversham home. Get in touch today for a quote and expert advice. 

Unilux Doors Sussex

Unilux ImpactLine Series

In this patio door range, each door has the unique ability to open and shut from the middle of the Unilux Door, which is down to the fact that it has hinges on both jambs. These doors also come with additional protection features that allow them to open in or out, so as well as looking beautiful our Unilux are also a practical addition to your Faversham house. 

The design of these Unilux Doors increase your home’s safety, water tightness and thermal efficient, because the header and sill bolts are salt resistant. Their increased safety comes from the increased amount of locking points  – a salt resistant multi-point closure system. They also boast reinforced strike plates and a string astragal which increase these doors’ impact resistance and water protection. 

Unilux Door Costs Sussex

ImpactLine Lift & Slide Doors

Gone are the days of straining to slide your patio doors, thanks to the Unilux Doors lift and slide mechanism, your Faversham home’s doors will glide open and close. People who are lucky enough to live in Faversham homes with amazing views ofter choose this line of Unilux Doors because they allow all the outside into your home. They have 3G stainless steel wheels with flat gears, which is the secret to their special opening and closing mechanism. These Unilux Doors have a two inch wide sill, it is this and the strong hardware that supports the incredibly heavy laminated glass panels.

Unilux Doors Near Me Sussex

Wooden Unilux Doors

The perfect combination of style and substance, this traditional material has been transformed into a contemporary product for your Faversham home, which helps explain the popularity of the Unilux Door, ExclusivLine. This range gives your home instant kerbside appeal.

Another wooden version of Unilux Doors is the HighLine door, this combines first class craftsmanship with a top quality materials. The result is a timeless door that suits any style of architecture found in Faversham.

Passivlux also stock the ExclusivLine, most popular in a contemporary home thanks to highly distinctive style. For those people who need a more affordable Unilux Door, we offer the JuniorLine Unilux, the price is more reasonable but the quality is not diminished and nor is the performance. 

Unilux Door Prices Sussex

uPVC Entrance Door

People go for uPVC because it is durable, hard working and weatherproof, harsh weather doesn’t affect the performance of these doors. Strong wind, rain, sun and snow will not reduce the performance levels and appearance of your Unilux door. These doors come with steel reinforcements on the interior profile, which increases the durability. 

The glazing of Unilux Doors is adaptable, so you can put your own stamp on the way your Unlix Doors look. Our doors also come with a range of locking systems, so you can choose the option that best suits your need for security. 

Unilux Door Prices Sussex

Unilux Door Prices in Faversham

Your daily comfort and safety depend on selecting the ideal Unilux door for your Faversham home, and we want to help you make the right choice.

We are Passivlux, a home improvement business based in Faversham. In addition to offering a variety of other goods and services, we can visit your house to measure for new doors.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also use our online quoting tool to request a FREE, customised quote on one of our Unilux doors right now.

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