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Choosing the right door for your Brighton home is critical to feeling safe, secure, and comfortable. We are proud to introduce Unilux doors at Passivlux; we offer aluminium cladding, wood, uPVC, and other exciting styles to provide your property with the highest quality materials all year round. Fill out our form today to get your FREE quote!

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Unilux Lift and Slide Doors Kent

Unilux Doors in Brighton

Passivlux is pleased to announce the addition of Unilux doors to our product line. The home improvement industry is constantly evolving and improving; in comparison to even 30 years ago, energy efficiency, safety, and functionality standards have risen dramatically to meet customer and building regulation requirements.

As a result, all Unilux doors are innovations that demonstrate a high level of product knowledge and engineering. Unilux is constantly updating their products, and we are proud to show off stunning products for your Brighton property. For more information, get your FREE quote!


Your Unilux Door Style Options

Aluminium Cladding Unilux Door

The combination of aluminium and wood creates a design that will last for many years without the need for constant maintenance. The aluminium cladding tightly wraps around the wood, protecting it from the elements and allowing it to expand and contract to accommodate temperature changes. We are confident that you will receive one of the highest quality doors on the market from Passivlux. Contact our team today for more information!

Unilux Doors Brighton

Unilux ImpactLine Series

Our patio Unilux door has hinges on both jambs, allowing each door to be opened and closed from the middle. Both models include additional protection options that allow them to swing in or out, giving you a versatile and functional product. The ImpactLine series includes salt-resistant header and sill bolts. With more locking points, this design can make a building more airtight, watertight, and secure for your Brighton home. You can ensure better protection against water coming in through your Unilux door by using a salt resistant multi point closure system, reinforced strike plates, and a strong astragal for better impact resistance.

Unilux Door costs brighton

ImpactLine Lift & Slide Doors

The motion of movement with your brand new glass panes is simple with the lift and slide Unilux door. The lift and slide mechanism moves down across your Brighton property with a simple push. These Unilux doors are suitable for use in homes with a lot of sunlight where people want to enjoy views of their surroundings. There are 3G stainless steel wheels with flat gears that are durable and flow easily across its track to open your brand new Unilux lift and slide doors. Other features include: aluminium extrusions with a European pine interior (other wood species available), a two inch wide sill to ensure a smooth transition, and tough hardware to handle large laminated glass panels weighing up to 850 lbs!

Unilux Lift and Slide Doors Kent

Wooden Unilux Doors

The Unilux door ExclusivLine is an excellent example of how a traditional material can be used to create a design that provides your Brighton home with the futuristic and modern style it requires. If you want your front door to be a welcoming entrance and greet visitors every day, the ExclusivLine models are the best choice.

Because the HighLine Unilux doors combine high-quality materials with skilled craftsmanship, you can be confident that your Brighton Unilux door will benefit you all year. Our High Line frame doors are the best example of a timeless style that is appealing from every angle.

The ExclusivLine Unilux door has a distinct appearance – the highest design standards are met in modern architecture, and the ExclusivLine is no exception.

The JuniorLine Unilux door models, on the other hand, have a lot of power at a low cost, so you can get quality for a great investment. What could be better than a door that is worth it?

Unilux Door Quotes Brighton

uPVC Entrance Door

Unilux uPVC doors are designed to be strong, flexible, and weather resistant in the UK. This means it can withstand both hot summer days and freezing winter temperatures. Steel reinforcements on the interior profile of the door also ensure maximum durability.

Unilux door glazing lends individuality to each door. We want your door to represent you and your family, just like your home – at Passivlux, we have a wide range of glass styles to allow you to create your own style from start to finish.

Concerned about your safety? Our Unilux door collection is concerned not only with style and comfort, but also with safety features and locking systems.

Unilux Door Quotes Brighton

Unilux Door Prices in Brighton

Choosing the right Unilux door for your Brighton property is critical to ensuring your comfort and safety every day, and we want to assist you in making the best decision.

We are a Brighton-based home improvement company called Passivlux. We can come to your home to measure for new doors and provide a variety of other products and services!

If you have any questions, please contact us, and feel free to use our online quoting engine to get your FREE personalised quote on our Unilux doors today.

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