The Installation Experience

At Passivlux we don’t just fit doors and windows. We offer a specialised installation experience from start to finish. See below for details of a standard Passivlux installation:

• Step One – We complete a detailed site survey and liaise with any relevant parties such as architects, builders, or site managers.

• Step Two – If there are any non-standard details we have technical drawings produced by our draughtsman.

• Step Three – Deliveries and installation dates are scheduled. All deliveries are received and checked by a member of the Passivlux team.

• Step Four – Passivlux arrange plant hire, scaffolding or any other required extras.

• Step Five – Installation of your chosen system takes place and the products are installed to the manufacturer’s specification.

• Step Six – When your installation is finished we complete a final handover and issue any guarantee/warranty documentation.

And last, but not least…we clean up any waste generated by our install. Leaving you with a completed Passivlux installation and a tidy site.

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