aluminium-timber window installation bedfordshire

Case Study: Houghton Farm AuraPlus Installation

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Our client in Bedfordshire wanted to update this property with a stunning new set of high quality and durable windows that perfectly complemented the architecture of the building.

Rationel AuraPlus Installation

For this installation, we used our aluminium-timber window profiles. The AuraPlus aluclad window is manufactured by Rationel; thus providing the property owners with a thermally efficient and durable window system that will provide an impressive

If you are looking to create a property that excels in both function and form, then get in touch with Passivlux today and we can help turn your grand designs into a reality.

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Benefits of Choosing Rationel AuraPlus Aluclad Windows

The property in Bedfordshire can now benefit from Scandinavian style windows that provide sleek aesthetics, perfect for this property. With a mixture of large scale glazed windows and smaller systems, the clients can enjoy the beautiful countryside surroundings, through the ultra slim profiles.

The aluminium-timber windows provide elegant visuals of a traditional timber window, and despite their classic appearance, incorporate modern innovation, therefore providing excellent standards of thermal performance, durability, security and more.

They are available in an excellent selection of colours. Our clients wanted to make a bold statement with the new windows installed, opting for a black shade to contrast against the timber clad walls.

If you would like to find out more about the range of styles and designs we offer, then please get in touch with our team of technical advisors today.

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High Performing Rationel Windows

Manufactured using timber and covered in a durable sheet of aluminium, the Rationel aluclad windows will provide our clients with a level of performance that will keep a property functioning at an exceptional level year after year.

They feature toughened glazing that provides a level of thermal performance that will keep this home at the perfect temperature throughout the year. Our clients can enjoy a well insulated property that will not only decrease the amount of energy they consume but help to improve their carbon footprint too.

The durable combination of the aluminium and timber provides superior durability that ensures low maintenance care for the clients as well as beautiful windows that will stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest of Bedfordshire weather conditions.

aluminium-timber window installation bedfordshire

Why Choose Passivlux?

Passivlux can provide you with only the best collection of architectural glazing solutions. We have years of experience in installing high quality window and door systems, so you can rest assured that your grand design project will be in the safest of hands.

We offer a wide selection of bespoke Rationel profiles for you to choose from, allowing us to install the perfect glazing system that will complement the style of your property and enhance the way it performs.

Rationel AuraPlus Windows Prices

If you would like to upgrade your Bedfordshire property with our stunning collection of Rational AuraPlus windows, then get in touch with our expert team today. We can provide you with an exceptional service and a range of bespoke windows and doors that will enhance your home or commercial property in both the visuals and performance.

You can request a quote for your new grand design project. We have a clever online tool that will provide you with a bespoke price based on your exact project requirements. You can also contact our team if you have any other questions about your project. Give our team a call on 01227 379 984 or send us any of your queries via our online form.

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