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Case Study: South East London Solarlux Bi-Fold Doors

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South East London


February 2021

We recently worked with a client based in South East London, where we were asked to install a new door that leads out to a small balcony. With a limited amount of space, the owner of this charming London property wanted a replacement balcony door that would maximise the existing space.

Solarlux Bi-Fold Door Installation

For this project, the Solarlux Woodline Bi-Fold door was a perfect choice. Solarlux are a market-leading manufacturer, taking pride in creating state of the art home improvements that excel in all areas of performance. Their bifold doors are the ideal solution for enhancing your space and offering a timeless aesthetic to any London property.

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The Benefits Of Solarlux Bi-Fold Doors 

Our client wanted to open up their room and seamlessly connect their home to the outside world. They previously had French doors installed that restricted the already limited space on their balcony. With the Solarlux bi-fold doors, the innovative opening mechanism means that the door panels open inwards and stack on top of each other when folded.

Bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular among South East London homeowners. One reason being that they offer vast, unobstructed views and connect your home seamlessly to the outside world. With large glass panels that can be opened almost 100% of their width, Solarlux’s innovative bi-fold doors will really work to maximise your living space.

The owner of this quaint South East property was overjoyed with her new bi-fold doors, leaving a fantastic review that read, “excellent quality bi-fold doors. They feel really substantial and work beautifully. Tim & co at Passivlux were a pleasure to deal with.”

Stylish & Thermally Efficient 

When having a Solarlux bi-fold door installed in your home, your property will benefit from enhanced thermal performance & security. The woodline bi-fold doors are crafted from premium grade wood that has been multi-laminated, making them exceptionally robust and energy-efficient.

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The high-quality materials in these wooden bi-fold doors will keep warm air inside your home and keep cold draughts out. This can help South East London homeowners reduce the need to use their central heating, reducing the cost of their living expenses in the long run.

Solarlux bi-fold doors are available in a number of stunning wood finishes, helping you find the perfect style of bi-fold door for your property. Have complete creative freedom over your new installation with a wide choice of RAL colours, varnish options and oiled finishes to choose from. Solarlux bi-fold doors are available in a number of different materials, including aluminium or wood.

Solarlux Woodline Bi-Fold Doors 

We are proud to be trusted Solarlux installers, qualified to install their outstanding selection of home improvement solutions. First founded in 1983, Solarlux pioneered the first contemporary bifolding door. They crafted the first bifolding system and is still recognised as leading the way for high quality bi-folding door systems in the home improvement industry.

Solarlux are based in Germany, with all of their products being custom-built and shipped over to the UK already premade. This allows Solarlux to monitor the high-quality standards of each of their systems, ensuring every product excels in both functionality and style.

Bi-fold Door Prices, South East London 

If you think our Solarlux bi-fold doors would make the perfect addition to your property, get in touch today!

Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. We’re dedicated to finding you the perfect home improvement solution for your project. Each member of Passivlux has extensive knowledge of our products, so we’re happy to discuss our range of home improvement solutions and which one will best suit your property.

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