Double glazed aluclad windows Sevenoaks

Case Study: Aluclad Window Installation in Sevenoaks

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Working with a client in Sevenoaks, we were asked to provide high-performance windows with a more classic appearance.

For this particular case study based in Sevenoaks, the team at Passivlux installed the FormaPlus range from Rationel windows, that are an aluminium-timber aluclad window solution.

The Rationel windows have a slightly traditional bevelled edge on the frame, giving this beautiful Sevenoaks home an authentic look without compromising performance.

Our aluclad windows and doors are custom-made to meet the visual and functional requirements of each individual home. For this client in Sevenoaks, we used traditional double glazed windows and incorporated solar glazing in the south-facing fixtures.

Aluclad windows Sevenoaks

Why Choose Aluclad Windows?

The Rationel windows boast a range of benefits. Our double glazed windows are thermally efficient, long-lasting, and have exceptionally low U-values. Allowing optimal light transmission and heat retention means your home will be warmer and brighter for longer. You can reduce your energy consumption by not having to rely on central heating and artificial light sources.

The aluclad window frames are excellent insulators that prevent cold drafts from getting in. They are also waterproof and watertight, meaning they can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not allow water into your home.

Our full length double glazed windows were the perfect solution to optimise the amount of light in the client’s home. The south facing windows were installed with solar glazing that reflects and filters sunlight to keep their room bright whilst shading it and preventing it from overheating.

Double Glazed windows Sevenoaks

Why stop at aluclad windows?

Our client in Sevenoaks opted to have matching Rationel patio doors installed in their home. We offer a range of patio and entrance doors that can be matched to your Rationel windows to fully transform your home.

As with the Rationel windows, the doors were fitted with our signature double glazing to ensure consistent high-performance, as the client requested. 

All of the aluclad windows and doors are available in a variety of colours and with additional customisable features. This client opted for a sleek grey with clean lines and sophisticated gold hardware. The addition of the bevelled frames adds a touch of elegance that perfectly complements their wonderful home.

Rationel double glazed windows Sevenoaks

Choose Passivlux for Bespoke Architectural Glazing Systems

Passivlux is unique because we offer the service of a full site survey. This means we can completely customise your products to ensure they are accurately measured, using lasers, and meet building regulations.

Our installers are FENSA registered, so you can rest assured that your home improvement project is in good hands. We are proud installers of Rationel windows, so we take care with every aluclad window and door we fit.


Double Glazed Windows Prices

If you have been inspired by this Sevenoaks project and are thinking about having aluclad windows installed in your home, contact Passivlux today. Our double glazed windows are an investment in your home, and you should not wait to enjoy the benefits of aluclad!

You can also use our online tool to get a guide price for your new windows based on the requirements of your project.

If you have any further questions about the Rationel windows or any of our other products, call us on 01227 379 984 or send us your queries via our online form. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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