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Rationel Sideguided Window

Sideguided windows are controlled by tracks and slides. When opened, the hinge side of the sash moves towards the middle to create an opening that allows the glass to be cleaned from the inside.

Sideguided windows can be used for emergency exits.

Minimum And Maximum Sizes

Sideguided Window


Rationel AURAPLUS Rationel AURA

(outward opening)

Min. width 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm
Min. height 438 mm 438 mm 438 mm 438 mm
Max. width 998 mm 998 mm 998 mm 998 mm
Max. height 1798 mm 1798 mm 1798 mm 1798 mm
Total max. width+height - - - -

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.


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