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Wide Range of Energy Glass Panes

Rationel’s windows are provided with argon filled double-glazed or triple-glazed energy-efficient glazing with a warm-edge spacer as standard.

Our range includes several options to enable you to improve your energy rating. It is always advisable to choose windows with the lowest possible Uw value to face north and windows with the best possible WER to face south, east and west.


Rationel Energy

Energy-efficient glazing reduces thermal loss, reducing the over all heating bill. The space between the double glazed panes is filled with argon gas, which is a much better insulator than air. The inner glass layer of an energy-efficient double glazed unit has a thin metal coating that reflects the heat back into the room.

This coating is neutral and so allows maximum sunlight into rooms, offering you the benefits of additional free heat. Rationel ENERGY panes not only create a bright, pleasant indoor environment but also reproduce colours as neutrally and naturally as is technically possible. They meet energy class A requirements.


Rationel Secure

For a burglar, the easiest way into a house is often via the window pane, particularly if he can work undisturbed and if the sound of broken glass does not attract attention. Here, laminated glass can be a big advantage as it takes a lot more time and effort to break.

Rationel SECURE panes have been tested and are labelled according to several national and European standards. You can read more about Rationel’s security programme for windows and doors here.


Rationel Obscure

Rationel OBSCURE panes are used for windows and doors in order to restrict the view into private areas such as bathrooms. As the patterns are located inside of the panes, they can be cleaned like traditional glazing.

All Rationel’s panes have been approved according to the EN 1279 requirements and have a warm-edge spacer.


Small Cathedral, white



Satin, acid etched glass




Rationel Safety

Rationel SAFETY panes can be made of toughened glass, laminated glass or a combination of both. Safety glass reduces the risk of injury if someone falls into the pane, breaking the glass. When toughened glass breaks, it falls out of the sash and is shattered into small, harmless pieces.

If the glass is laminated, the pane will remain as one unit if it is broken. You cannot severely injure yourself on these types of glass. Rationel SAFETY has been tested and marked according to several national and European standards.


Rationel Facade

Rationel FAÇADE is used in buildings either to create a visually coherent façade or for special colour effects. Façade glass is well suited to ventilated and insulated panels and storey divisions. The type most widely used is enamelled glass, which is available in ten standard colours. FAÇADE is also available in special colours on request.


Rationel Sound

If you live in an area with heavy traffic or near to a railway line, the problem of noise pollution can be solved partly by using noise-reducing panes. Sound moves through the air as waves. These waves pass through one layer of glass almost unimpeded, but two glass sheets – as in a modern double-glazed unit – act as a break. The thicker the two glass sheets and the larger the distance between them, the better they break the sound waves.


Rationel Solar

Rationel SOLAR is used mostly in office and commercial buildings that have large south and west glass façades, where overheating may occur during the summer months. We offer five types of panes, which limit the amount of sunlight and heat coming into a building, depending on the light and heat shielding levels required. SOLAR 70/40 and 51/27 are coated glass sheets with an almost neutral reproduction of colour when looking from the inside out.

SOLAR Green and Grey have tinted glass, which reduces the amount of light and heat coming into a building, but also slightly distorts the colour.

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