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Rationel Energy and Indoor Climate


Energy efficient windows not only reduce CO2 emissions but also reduce the cost of your heating bills.

Whether you are building a new house or just replacing your existing windows and doors, there is potential to save a considerable amount of money using our energy efficient products. The excellent insulating properties of our products significantly reduce CO2 emissions and their slim design utilises daylight and free solar heat. All Rationel windows can be supplied with fresh air vents, allowing controlled ventilation. All of these factors ensure an optimum indoor climate, whilst eliminating draughts. Further energy savings can be made with thoughtful design of window locations within a house in relation to the sun.

Our windows offer a high level of airtightness, guaranteeing a comfortable indoor climate with minimal draughts or cold spots near large areas of glazing. High performing windows and doors ensure your home is a more enjoyable living space whilst reducing your impact on the environment.


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