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You see yourself as trendsetter and show a high affinity to new technologies. Trendsetting architecture, clear shapes and minimalist design create an aesthetic living environment and mirror your individual living concept. Your minimalist living style is reduced to the basics and creates room for your self-realisation. You have a high living standard and like to express your individuality

Enjoy captivating impressions and views when studying the design style studio.

Absolute foresight

The challenge to further develop the trend of contemporary architecture and to realise the highest quality is our aim. Therefore, Internorm has developed window systems which create ease and liberality so that you can realise your dream for an open living concept. The ease of Internorm lift-sliding doors and extra low thresholds increase your living comfort. 

Maximum openness

Large glass areas extend your living space beyond its real borders and create a new, unlimited sense of space. We can offer you innovative solutions for modern glass architecture with frameless windows, fixed glazing, all-glass corners, generous lift-sliding doors, panorama windows and special solutions. Architectural ideas with maximum openness can be implemented through combining these solutions.

High efficiency and security

Large glass areas bring more light into the interior of your home. Triple glazing ensures excellent thermal insulation - even on cloudy days. Toughened glass panes protect from injuries if glass breakages should occur.






For great ideas

Internorm offers its own manufacturing concept to implement special wishes and requirements of architects and builders: STUDIO XL opens up completely new possibilities in realising individual architectural solutions and generous dimensioning. In small-batch production large-scale timber/aluminium elements up to 12 m wide and 17 m2 glass area are produced, also in combination with the timber/aluminium lift-sliding door HS 330.

Enjoy the experience of delivery and installation of an Internorm XL lift-sliding door in our video ->

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