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We work with Internorm to bring you windows and doors that are fitted with an array of revolutionary innovations. Internorm are always working on developing new technology and products to improve the security and comfort in homes across Kent, Sussex, London and right throughout South East England. To get a quote on any of our window and doors, use our online quoting engine to generate an accurate price.

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I-Tec Innovations for Internorm Windows & Doors

Internorm’s innovative and modern window and doors unite design, technology, and user friendliness, thanks to the range of I-tec innovations fitted throughout.

As a result of their inclusion, our products will protect against burglars, prevent heat loss because of ideal thermal insulation, and keep rooms cool during the warmer months. We supply windows and doors with these innovations for commercial projects, as well installing them into homes across our coverage area.

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Extra Features

I-tec Core

The I-tec Core features a laminated veer lumber at the core of the frame. This core is humidity resistant, ideal for waterfront properties and damper climates.

This technology is typically used for stable roof beams and supports through its high load bearing capacity and incredible strength. Timber is a material particularly open to expansion and contraction as temperatures change each season. However, Internorm’s technology ends this issue.

I-tec Locking

I-tec Locking renders levering of glazing impossible. Integrated flaps press on to the inside of the frame from all sides when locking and therefore offers maximum burglary protection.

Locking elements are almost completely integrated into the frame. This makes maintaining the window or door much easier. Instead of protruding locking pins, integrated flaps ensure the safe locking of the sash. This locking system eliminates any visible technology, if possible.

I-tec Ventilation

I-tec Ventilation ensures comfort and the energy efficient airing of any size of building. The ventilation is built into the frame and can be easily installed in renovations.

The warm air from the interior of the building heats the cooler air from outside as it flows back into the room. The innovative system circulates mould and dust free air, while achieving heat recovery. This is ideal for older homes with no central air systems.

I-tec Shading

All Internorm windows with integrated blinds can be installed with I-tec Shading. This sun protection uses a photovoltaic module and batteries, so no external power source is needed.

The photovoltaic system appears between the glass panes, for maintenance free sun and privacy protection. The intelligent automatic mode operates blinds with day and night recognition and can be programmed to suit the needs of the end user.

I-tec Smart Window

I-tec Ventilation and I-tec Shading can be conveniently controlled via tablet or smartphone. Homeowners can easily operate systems while reducing energy consumption.

Whether you are in the building or on the go, I-tec Smart Window allows end users to control the window and door settings through the free mobile application. The elements integrated into the building control system can be easily programmed.

I-tec Glazing

Many window panes on the market are only connected to the frame at a few points. The windows we offer homeowners and commercial projects feature continuous all around fixing as a standard.

The continuous connection between the frame and the glass pane improves overall sound reduction, thermal efficiency, and security of a window. I-tec Glazing ensures proper functioning of the window system and perfect stability over time.

I-tec Insulation

Internorm windows and doors are renowned for their industry leading insulation values. I-tec Insulation is inserted into the pressure of the frame for optimal efficiency.

The cavities of our windows are filled with granulate instead of foam, enabling even the smallest of gaps to be filled. At Internorm, they only use HCFC-, HFC- and FC-free insulation materials to insulate our windows and cause minimal environmental damage.

Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

Case Study: Window & Door Installation in Kent

Working with our client in Kent, we were asked to provide this unique property with a collection of glazing systems that would enhance both the visuals and performance.

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I-Tec Window and Door Prices, Kent

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