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Passivlux supply and install high quality Internorm balcony doors in Faversham, Kent, Sussex, London and nearby South East England areas. Our stylish designs provide a flawless transition to your outdoor terrace while elevating the aesthetics of the interior living area. We cater to both residential and commercial sectors; for a bespoke quote for your project, get in touch today! 

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Balcony Doors, Faversham

Open up your space by installing our floor to ceiling stunning balcony doors to add a touch of elegance to your Faversham home. Featuring laminated security glass, our factory fitted Juliette Balcony with a glass balustrade and sleek stainless steel rails, our door collection has it all. Our doors offer excellent protection as they have been thoroughly tested against heavy impact and potential burglaries. 

All of our Internorm products are Secured by Design accredited so that you can be confident in your investment. An ideal solution for contemporary homes all over the UK, our expert installers have vast experience in providing an effortlessly smooth home improvement experience.    

Begin your dream balcony door project using our door designer, or get in touch to get an estimated free quote.


Balcony Door Designs, Faversham

When you choose Passivlux as your trusted supplier and installer of balcony doors, you can be certain of high performance and excellent thermal insulation. These doors will naturally trap the heat in your home and minimise the need to turn on the heater. As a result, you can potentially save up on electricity bills. With multiple glazing options, you can bolster your Faversham homes’ security and energy efficiency.

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Internorm Prices South of England

HF 310 Timber-Aluminium Balcony Doors

A great combination of timber and aluminium, HF 310 balcony doors are designed to be weather resistant and thermally efficient. With U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m2K), these doors will keep your Faversham home warm and comfortable.

These timber aluminium doors benefit from all round bonding of the glass pane providing high grade security and stability. The triple continuous gaskets protect the
the interior area from exposure to rain and drought.

HF 400 Timber-Aluminium Balcony Doors

These HF 400 timber aluminium balcony doors have a sleek and elegant design. They allow for a larger glass to enjoy uninterrupted views through your terrace.

The lightweight aluminium frame is extremely durable and weather resistant. Our Faversham property owners can customise these doors with our extensive range of colours and accessories.

Internorm Prices South of England
Internorm Prices South of England

HF 410 Timber-Aluminium Balcony Doors

For a timeless classic look, choose HF 410 timber aluminium balcony doors for your home improvement project. The timber at the core provides sustainability and excellent thermal comfort, while the aluminium frame protects the doors from any damage that comes with exposure to harsh weather conditions.

With multiple wood finishes to choose from, you can complement these balcony doors with your windows and interior decorations. The double and triple glazing will protect against potential security threats.

KF 310 uPVC-Aluminium Balcony Doors

If you are looking for a low maintenance and high quality option, you can learn more about KF 310 uPVC aluminium balcony doors. These stunning doors benefit from a slim frameless glass design that is unparalleled in elegance and functionality.

With U-values as low as 0.64 W/(m2K), you can rest assured that your home will be warm and comfortable. The locking system can be completely concealed to enhance your security and safety.

Internorm Prices South of England

Extra Features


Whether a homeowner or a commercial project manager, when you choose Passivlux as your trusted supplier, you enjoy the freedom to select from a comprehensive range of high performing products. Our Internorm door range can accommodate any style of home or building.

Complete the look of your high quality balcony door with our extensive collection of unique handles and colours. With many models to choose from, you can customise them according to your aesthetic preferences. Get in touch with us to explore our product range and personalisation options today.

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Balcony Door Case Studies

See the transformation our products bring to a project by looking at the case studies. You may also find inspiration for your next home improvement project. Browse through our recent residential and commercial projects across Kent and South East England and see how our balcony doors can give an instant facelift to any property. 

If you want to put your plans into action, use our handy no obligation online quoting engine, and we will get back to you with a personalised quote befitting your requirements.

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Kent Showroom

We are the winner of ‘best distributor’ and ‘best showroom’ by Rationel. Book your visit to our Kent showroom for an amazing experience. Our friendly and professional team will welcome you and help you with any questions that you might have. 

Our experts are always happy to discuss the finer details of your home improvement project and offer you the best solutions perfectly fitting your lovely Faversham home. We are excited to meet you!

balcony door prices faversham
Internorm balcony doors faversham

Balcony Door Prices, Faversham

We at Passivlux give our customers creative freedom with our impressive door designer. For a bespoke quote, use our free online quoting engine, and one of our expert team members will get back to you with competitively priced estimates.

If you prefer to meet us in person for further enquiries, you can visit our showroom in Kent today. We will help you start your dream balcony door project in no time.

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