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Rationel Sliding Patio Doors

Our sliding patio doors allows the garden into your home in the summer, but keep the heat inside throughout the winter. The sliding patio door can be used as an exit from the living room, dining room or bedroom to the terrace, garden or balcony. 

Sliding patio doors, where one half slides and the other is fixed, are ideal when space is at a premium. The sliding part lifts easily and glides in front of the fixed section to create an opening of up to 1.55 metres.

Rationel sliding patio doors are designed to be as beautiful as the views they frame.

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Minimum And Maximum Sizes 

  Min. width Min. height Max. width Max. height
Rationel FORMA - -
Rationel FORMAPLUS  -   - 
Rationel AURA - - - -
Rationel AURAPLUS 1788 mm 1863 mm 3588 mm 2388 mm


Note: the Sliding Patio Door is only available in the Rationel AURAPLUS product range in triple glazed only.


Mounting a Sliding Patio Door