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Sustainable Windows and Doors from Rationel

Quality, design and functionality are important elements of Rationel's products, but for us it is equally important that our products are sustainable, as such all of our products are manufactured using responsibly sourced materials.

During production, we treat all windows and doors with “System 2 ECO” (water based system), which comprises of eco-friendly impregnation, painting and finishing ensuring the long life of our products.


FSC® Certified Timber

Rationel uses the finest FSC® certified pinewood from Northern European forests, where reforestation is carried out systematically and tree planting is higher than the amount cut down. All material suppliers sign a declaration, which sets out a number of standards ensuring care for the environment and for the labour used.


The Wood Window Alliance

Windows made from wood are increasingly seen as the most sustainable as well as the most attractive solution.

More than 40 members of the wood window industry have come together to market a range of high quality products that meet independently audited performance and sustainability standards. The Wood Window Alliance provides reassurance that the windows from its members will meet these standards.



Rationel’s products are tested in accordance with the CE marking scheme developed in 2008. This is your guarantee of a highly reliable product.