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Extensive Experience with Passive Houses

Rationel wish to be the best when it comes to energy-saving window solutions and guidance. Therefore we have participated in a number of cutting edge passive house projects. We gladly share our experience, since windows have a crucial importance in terms of reaching the heating demand for low-energy buildings. Our experience includes various building types; domestic, residential and refurbishment all to Passive House standard.

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Achieving the optimum window solution depends on a combination of factors:

• The window’s insulating properties
• The window’s ability to make use of free solar heat
• The window’s orientation in relation to the sun
• Sun screening and shading
• The ratio of glass to frame 
• Installation methods and thermal bridges 
• The number of windows and total window area
• Air tightness

Rationel Windows UK Ltd. can offer both products and guidance on how to achieve the best energy solution for you and your home. We are the leading supplier of windows and doors for Passive House construction and low-energy buildings in Scandinavia and have gained considerable experience in optimizing the energy efficiency of windows and doors. In low-energy buildings the choice of windows is very important, but to meet Passive House status, the relationship between building design and energy performance is absolutely crucial.

We provide expert help to ensure that the right choice is made, giving you the best performance in terms of thermal insulation, light transmittance, use of passive solar heat gain, durability and aesthetics.

Projects We Have Participated In

We have experience of various building types; domestic, residential and refurbishments, all to Passive House standard. Here, you can get inspired and read more about some of our cutting-edge projects:

Allies Farmhouse in Essex

Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire

Passive house school

Passive house day-care

Single-family passive house

Retrofit passive house

Retrofit passive flats